“I am sorry.”

“I am really sorry.”

“Just talk to me once.”

“I love you baby.”

“Just reached office. Love you.”

“Still angry? Ok, I promise I will never fight with you again.”

“Drink water. Lots of water.”

“Ok. I have to run into a meeting now. Just don’t be angry anymore honey. You know nothing seems good when you are not smiling at me.”

“My God! That was a long meeting. Or may be it was not that long. May be I was just missing you. Checked the phone five times in between.”

“Still angry. Ok. Must be in the shower now. Good! It will cool you down. Haha!”

“By the way you remember the time we took that shower together. Wanna do that again honey?”

“Come on love. Just one smile. One only!”

“Just had lunch. It was so delicious. Must say you cook better when you are angry on me. Haha!”

“Come on say something.”

“By the way, did you take your medicine after lunch?”

“Missing you honey. Pick up the phone once. Come on. I love you. I am sorry.”

“Ok. Its almost 16 hours now that you haven’t spoken to me. Your earlier record was around 20 hours. Remember the fight we had after our 2nd anniversary last December? Haha!”

“Talk to me once. Please. Pick up the call.”

“See, if you don’t reply now, I am never going to come back home again.”
“I have a beautiful secretary here, and I am considering running away with her, if you don’t talk to me.”

“Come on say something now.”

“Ok. Guess what. I am coming home early tonight. And you can start getting ready. I want to go out for dinner tonight. Would you mind if I asked you to be my date? I may have some surprises for my date!”

“I know you are not angry with me anymore.”

“Come on! Ok here’s my next card. I am taking a leave tomorrow. All day, just us. How do you want to spend it? Outdoors? Or…. Indoors?”

“Ok honey, I am off! I am flying towards you now!”

“Started getting ready? Will you be my date tonight?”

“My date can’t stay angry with me that long.”

“I am so sorry. I love you. I love you. I love you.”

“I am almost half way.”

“Come on love, tell me once, you lov

The last chat was not completed yet. The officer looked at all the other ‘sent’ chats once more. Miraculously the phone had escaped with only a minor crack on the screen and stayed on. The driver was not that lucky. The car had been rammed on the driver’s side by the truck. Apparently it had jumped the signal by mistake.

Putting the phone in the packet for later delivering to the deceased’s family, the officer looked once more around the broken, overturned car for other belongings. A briefcase, a bouquet of flowers and a gift wrapped box remained scattered. And with them remained an unanswered message of love.

© Arindam Dey

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