I am that smile
with a tear,
When a sin keeps you
from sleep.

Sinking your face
in a pillow,
And clutching on that
bed sheet.

I am those words
you whisper,
When a stormy night
goes deep.

Sometimes in love,
Sometimes in despair.

© Arindam Dey


The sky no more
was a pleasant sight
The winds
too cruel to fail.

For a mother was
too fierce that night
To heed
her children’s wail.

So long have we
failed her non stop
So long
we broke her trust.

A mother’s wrath
did break all bounds
A wrath
we now see must.

© Arindam Dey

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Oh Rai,
But you were so
fired on your Kanha!

Then why
that distant flute
plays hide-n-seek
with your smiles.

And why
your coy lips call
his name with
moistened eyes.

Oh Rai,
But what is life
if there is no Kanha!

let your aanchal fly
and flowers drop
in your plight.

Just like
all complaints fade
when tears meet
love midnight.

© Arindam Dey

Image source: Artzyme(dot)com / Painting by Uma Makala

Strangers Again

let us be strangers again
one more time.

Let us start once more
standing apart
At the opposite ends
of our universe.

Let me seek you again
across all chaos
On the road of our lives
running between.

Let me see you from afar
not knowing you
Your name, your address
or your dreams.

And then, let God reach me
lighting up my dark
Like He did once eons ago
through your smile.

let us be strangers again
one more time.

© Arindam Dey

My Poetry Burns

My poetry burns
with envy tonight.

For hours had I
picked and plucked
Words that sang
of you my love.

From tempest eyes
and summer cheeks
My words spoke of
your cherry lips.

When your tresses
invoked the night
On paradise of that
moonlit spine,
My words sang of
your feather arms
Before they hymned
your anklet chime.

They sang your coy
they sang your tears
Oh how my words
could ever fail,
For now they broke
like a waterfall
To the poetry behind
your bosoms veil.

Making my verse
now complete
I stood in front with
trembling feet,
But all you did
was glance and smile
And all my words
sat in defeat.

My poetry burnt
with envy tonight
And freed me once
of all my pride.

Oh how my words
can match that shine
Let it just love that
beauty divine.

© Arindam Dey

Failed Verse

Oh let me cut
open some scars,
On that blank sheet

For what to do
when words deny,
Let a few drops stain
the white.

Oh let it take
two eyes awake,
To a time when they
met yours.

So what if you
who never knew,
Find this one more
failed verse.

© Arindam Dey

Old Scars

I am that question
of your heart,
That makes you smile
Makes you cry.

I am that whisper
of your soul,
That keeps you awake
Every night.

Why remember me
like old scars,
That time rubbed off
Like old lies.

For I am that verse
you still hide,
That made its home
Two moist eyes.

© Arindam Dey


You look like hope
in the dark forests of
Distant, yet there
and I struggle alone
to reach that light.

You look like balm
in an ocean of pain
I sail across.
You call my name
as I brave all storms
across the night.

Why deny me
of your paradise oh
Light up my hope
cast one more spell
call me again.

Let me feel your
tears on my chest for
one more time.
When we steal love
from dark nights and
no veils remain.

© Arindam Dey

Only if I was

Only if I was
that morning sun,
I could kiss your eyes
everytime I saw
your waking face,
Envious of the night
in those eyelids.

Only if I was
that meadow green,
I could kiss your feet
everytime I felt
those feather steps,
Running unbound like
free southwinds.

Only if I was
that mad raindrop,
I could kiss your heart
everytime I fell
like an old true love,
Making a home within
those closed twins.

© Arindam Dey

A Little More

Ah, let it storm
a little more.

The winds
have not yet freed
those wild curls#,
have not yet tricked
you to my arms.

Ah, let it drizzle
a little more.

The clouds
have not yet kissed
those coy lips,
have not yet loved
you enough.

Ah, let it love you
a little more.

© Arindam Dey

Wild flower

I see you
like a wild flower,
Dancing in the
of my desire.

I see you
from the prison,
Of my sanity
in my reason.

I dread to sin
yet crave it more,
As your summer
melts all fear
from my core.

Oh let me lose
to you once more,
Like moths burn
in fires that
they so adore.

© Arindam Dey

Free Me Tonight

A thousand years
I have stayed
prisoned in your eyes.

Obedient, to your smile.

I have shown
you dreams of
what could have been,
and reminded you
of what it is like
living without life.

Free me, tonight.

Let me roll all over you
love you all the way
and free you too
once for all,
before I submit
to my own oblivion.

Yours truly, your tear.

© Arindam Dey

Only If I Could

And only if I could
write that verse,
That shouted out
to the world.

Why oceans envy
those two deep eyes
And nights, the dark
of  your hair.

Ah, only if I could
write those words,
That whispered
to me once.

Why rivers steal
those tender curves
And storms, the throb
of your heart.

© Arindam Dey

Poem Of A Tear

Your tear writes
a poem on its own.

Long shackled
to those longing eyes
it breaks out at last.

Rolling down tonight
it moists those dry lips
that have long forgotten
the taste of my name.

And it kisses down
that little lump
on your throat that
have long locked up
a story of pain.

Before it goes down
your veiled bosoms
making untamed love
to the storms that have
long hidden inside
my tender home.

Have I ever told you
How beautiful you are?

© Arindam Dey


I love you
like March loves
it’s trees.

Like morning sun
that kiss awake
those tender
blooming lips.

Like southern winds
that gently flirt
those flying
locks of leaves.

I love you
like March loves
it’s trees.

Oh what am I
but a failed poet
and you my
hidden muse.

Let loving you
like summers do
this March be
my excuse.

© Arindam Dey

One Stolen Kiss

I wonder
What you whisper
to my words,
When you read that book late,
When a world is deep asleep
but some verses
keep two worlds awake.

I wonder
If you let them kiss
your heart,
When at last your eyes close,
An open book on your chest
and untold words
soaking those pillows.

I wonder
If you tell them of
a brief dream,
Where you for once were mine,
Where my lips met your soul
and in one stolen kiss
you gave me one lifetime.

© Arindam Dey


when I stand in the rain,
It doesn’t feel
like your love anymore.

The skies have become
more unforgiving,
More cold.

when I weep in that rain,
I don’t feel your
tears with me anymore.

And I resign to where
our stories remain

© Arindam Dey

Thirty Two

Strange is this
When all I bleed
on those blank sheets
is you and you
And you.

And yet, now
I fear.
What if  you meet
your name tonight
when you read page
thirty two.

My heart trembles
to think.
And what of those
pages before
And what about
those after.

One secret that
was mine.
How many times
will she now find
in each page of
that book.

© Arindam Dey


In a billion stars
I wonder, if you know
I still look for you.

And every night
For a wrong star, I come
a day closer to you.

Someday when
that sky is tired of me
And I, from this life.

We will meet again
my love, among billions
in our own night sky.

© Arindam Dey

Your Scent

Oh how,
I could tell you.

How your eyes
brought me far away
to a new world everytime
And your smile
wrote me happy ends
in my fairy tales with you.

How your scent
left me sinful dreams
where every inch of mine
Craved to brave
every ebb and flow
of an ocean that was you.

And how yet,
a pair of sealed lips
and a few nervous nods
Were my allies
when all my beats
skipped in front of you.

Oh how,
I could tell you.

© Arindam Dey

By The Yamuna Banks

Oh why she runs like that wild wind
by the Yamuna banks, across Madhuvan?
For so many nights she adorned herself
With blossoms, stars and sweet moonlight
And waited for him, alone in vain.

Did the Yamuna tell him
of her tears tonight?

Oh why she runs like that wild wind
by the Yamuna banks, across Madhuvan?
All flowers fall free off her tameless locks
And heavens no more match her doe steps
Where does she go, what calls her again?

When a distant flute weeps
an old tune tonight.

Oh why she runs like that wild wind
by the Yamuna banks, across Madhuvan?
Breaking her vows to see him no more
A million complaints swell up in those eyes
And more in her that waits to rain.

By the Yamuna banks
when they meet tonight.

© Arindam Dey

Salty Sorrows

Let salty sorrows
Leave those closing eyes
Roll down your cheeks
And stop a wee bit
at your lips.

Let it remind you
How kisses followed
This same love trail
So many times
eons ago.

Let fingers clutch
That soft home of love
Where your throbs
Still skip a beat
at a name.

Let it remind you
How a tameless storm
Rode two bare peaks
And a valley amid
on that bed.

Let this cold night
Bring you back again
To an old fireplace
When a world is
now asleep.

Let it remind you
How two burning souls
Made songs all night
Under blankets of
two bodies.

© Arindam Dey


Let kisses warm
and moisten again
those edges of your lips,
Long broken by
rough December winds.

Let fingers dare
to explore once more
that tender trembling skin,
That has oh long
forgotten a lover’s touch.

Let eyes tear up
and throats dry down
as two souls meet tonight,
And fire a hearth
burning two worlds alike.

© Arindam Dey


With chains of
I bound you tight
To my songs of

In a thousand
That I sat amidst
With my old glass
of fire.

What north wind
In quiet steps and
Toppled my glass

Those love songs
Melting all chains
Freeing you back to
the night.

© Arindam Dey


Don’t forgive them
Who devour
all your daughters
In light or in that dark.

Rain fire on them
Who dare to
kill you everyday
Forgive them no more.

Send your warriors
To behead
every last of them
Who have kept you scarred.

This night is dark
Ignite your
torch of wrath now
Spare this dark no more.

© Arindam Dey

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